Adidas football boots - what you need to know

The standard brand for most World Cups & Euro Championships, that alone isn't enough in the fierce football boots arena. Everyone else changed, so did Adidas.

'Adidas boots against hate'







The leaders of the past had to break with tradition to bring their ranges into the modern era. Adidas normally match other brands design for design but can still throw in the odd game changer the every now and again. 'The Predator' 

These days the ACE range is worth shouting about.


Whatever your fit, whatever your style Adidas have it covered this time around
football4football equipment team

Adidas have kept the top of the range boot under £200/€250/$280 and some bargains can be had throughout their selection. Materials are top quality but it will take a special boot to top the Nitrocharge of a couple of seasons ago for durability & design.

The only real grumbles we've had about Adidas football boots were the flimsy lower priced 'F' range that they've seemed to have ditched. 





As mentioned before, Adidas as with others normally do like for like when they make boots. But the no lace boots show that they can be different..... VERY different.

Although the Predator has been phased out, you can still get rubber tech involvement if wanted. 




'Slick styling, beautiful materials & clever tech are proving a hit. Wild colour combinations will make you stand out!'





Adidas are here to stay, it's just a matter of what they're willing to do about it
football4football equipment team


Star players in their ranks are world beaters. The obvious big names are Lionel Messi & Luis Suarez of Barcelona with Gareth Bale the major UK headliner but of course Pogba is their main man in the Premier League.


+6 Bale force


In a nutshell..

Adidas are of course one of the big boys in football. They have big players so need to make good boots. This season the football4football equipment team think they've put a lot of effort into making cool looking boots that should last. Even if you've always worn something else, Adidas could make you take a second look! 

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