Adidas Predator 19+ The Legend goes on

The latest version of the boot that started rubber technology. The Predator is on the hunt once more.

The Predator boot has a long history. Some of the world's most iconic players have worn it; legends like Zidane and Beckham were headliners for the boot back in the day. Today, it is Paul Pogba who is leading the way.




Perfect fit


The laceless Predator 19+  collar gives a snug grip around the ankle. Made from the Adidas Primknit material, it wraps around the foot comfortably.  Even with this, the ankle can move freely, whilst getting some stud protection. 


Master Control


With a 'Control Skin' upper the foot can feel all of the ball. Touch, ball contact and accuracy is increased because no laces can get in the way. Just like the Predator 18, the 19+  also has a 'Boost'  insole (technology borrowed from Adidas running shoes) to cushion the foot.