Are Nike football boots still the most wanted?

Nike football boots have the style, the options & the star names. If you play football these will always be one of your first choices to think about. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Nike advert for football4football new football boots

'Nike boots, what you saying?'






Rival brands have seriously upped their game, Nike inturn produced a range ready for the battle.

A massive collection of pro players at all levels wear their boots every week. But what does this mean to you?

Well, to start with the choices go from the simple looking but well made Tiempo right up to the crazy looking Magistas & Superflys.


Prices can be high but so can the quality
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Prices can easily top £200/€250/$280 a pair, so they are now built to last as well as look good.

Nike is a ‘COOL’ brand but also know they need to give value to their loyal fans.

Previously we’ve heard complaints of boots splitting at seams and cracking around the toes with laces ripping out of the loops.

Whether this filtered back to Nike HQ we don’t know but this season’s range is done with attention to detail, style and thought.







Single piece uppers and front of boots seems to have sorted the splitting issues.

More hard wearing but flexible tops mean less chance of cracks.

Reinforced lace holes mean you can get the snug fit without the rips.




'The way they are put together these days is done with craftsmanship of the highest order'





Nike still producing the goods despite others strong battle
football4football equipment team



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Headline players:



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The football4football equipment team have spoken to World Cup captains, Premier League champions & International stars to find out what they look for in the boots they play in. As you can imagine a fair few like Nike. You won't believe one of the reasons a top player chose NIke ... it's probably the the same reason you choose!  

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