Do you think umbro football boots are up for the challenge?

Umbro used to be the powerhouse of football. Now under individual ownership they intend to get back into the game in a big way. Let's see how they'll do it..


'Umbro football boots step it up!'





Umbro mean business and look like they have employed some creative designers. Materials have improved too.

In the past their efforts seemed to be like they weren't bothered, perhaps thinking that the name alone was enough to get by on.

Not this time!  

Lesser known brands joined the boot market so it made sense for Umbro to up their game!
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Top of the range boots come in at around £135/€170/$180 whilst at the lower end you'll get a steady pair (not cheap looking) for less than half that price. 

As mentioned before previous boots were made out of thin plastics that would crease badly. These materials also meant that lace loops could snap. (A problem other brands have had when cheaping out!)

Well the new range avoid such problems, even the lower priced children's pairs. 






New styling make some of the range look straight of a modern designers studio with nice lines and materials that contrast.

The looks aren't just for show. Boots are well thought out with the designs also helping to add playing purpose on the pitch. 



'The way they look means you'll actually want to wear a pair, plus they're made better so shouldn't fall to bits!' 




A welcome return to form for the statesman of English football
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Umbro in the past could count on Premier League hot shots to grab their headlines. These days Real Madrid & Portugal no-nonsense defender Pepe rules the roost.

+6 National pride



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