Tiempo VIII: Nike's classic eighth time round

Nike's most classic boot enters its eighth-generation which looks to be the best yet. 

https://www.football4football.com/storage/img/articleimages/originals/VBoFy95NlfMgaSvCAyb06I7BtKCFNmRRBrt.png Is Nike's Tiempo VIII the best yet?

The Tiempo boot has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the most popular boot choices for many players.

Players such as Sergio Ramos, Gerard Piqué and Virgil van Dijk all wear the classic boot; it seems that ball playing centre-backs are fans! 




Legendary touch


Nike uses Kangaroo leather on the latest Tiempo, similar to the boot it replaces - the 7. The leather gives good protection with the ability to mould to the foot. 

This and the 3D patterned frame of the leather helps for a first touch you can feel. To finish off,  Nike's ACC (All Conditions Control) technology means sure performances in any weather.


Van_Dijk_wearing_tiempos_football_boots_in_training_for_holland_football4football_equipmentCHOICE: 2018-19 PFA player of the year Virgil van Dijk wears Tiempo VIII.


Keep on the down-low


Tiempo's are known for having a low-cut ankle area - the VIII carries this on. Although the support comes up a little higher than before, it still allows the foot to move freely.

Nike has added a Flyknit tongue [as with the VII], keeping it lighter but still giving stability and a snug fit around the top of the foot.