Why footballers use compression clothing

Compression clothes are a type of base layer that can enhance performance & aid recovery. For footballers, they have a variety of functions. 

https://www.football4football.com/storage/img/articleimages/originals/467XBEO3Qy2IsPOsDNf8Z8vZbKLiDkaMpFW.jpg COVERED: Compression clothing offers support during games & comfort post match.

What is it?


Compression clothing often looks like standard base layers, but footballers use them for reasons beyond keeping warm.

The science behind compression clothing is to speed up recovery after training sessions or football matches.

Compression clothing in football can help out in different ways.

The material keeps players cool or warm like base layers. However, more elasticated materials using specific areas of stitching and stretch positioning give a tighter fit.


Players_warm_up_before_a_football_training_session_football4footballTRAINING: Some players mix compression clothing with standard base-layers for training.


Muscle Fatigue


Wearing compression shorts during workouts may help in reducing fatigue and muscle soreness. This can mean being able to run for longer at a faster pace without feeling as if the muscles are tired.




DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) occurs after a long layoff from training - either starting pre-season or returning from an injury.

Muscles can become sore after a training session and even more so in the following days after. It is the same if you increase your session intensity [training load].

Compression shorts or pants can lower the effects of DOMS and can reduce the level of discomfort.


Base_layers_used_in_football_training_session_football4footballINTENSE: After heavy training sessions or matches some Pro players help their recovery by using compression clothing.


Muscle oxygenation


Proper functioning of your muscles means they need a good supply of oxygen.

Compression clothing increases oxygenation of tissue and blood flow in the legs.

This can improve athletic performance when doing shorter explosive training sessions.


Premier_league_player_dribbles_the_ball_in_a_top_flight_game_football4footballCOMFORTABLE HABIT: In the early days of the Premier League, many players wore compression shorts when returning from injury.


Groin support


Professional football has seen advances in strength & condition training. Players now have excellent all over body strength. Still, some footballers like compression around the groin area when they play matches.




Compression clothing can help reduce swelling and the chance of inflammation if a player has suffered an injury.

Players recovering from injury will often use compression after training.

Fluid buildup around ankles and knees can be reduced with compression pants. Some footballers use them on the way to and from matches that have long travel times.

Final Note

In the right situations and time, compression gear can give noticeable benefits as part of your football training gear. However, unlike normal base layers, compression gear should not really be a consideration for junior players.