Iceland's amazing win is up there with these tournament shocks

Well, after all the talking football had the final say. England are out of Euro 2016...

Iceland beat England at Euro 2016

England 1-2 Iceland Euro 2016


Iceland with a population the size of the English Premier League champions’ city Leicester, showed their resilience when they frustrated Ronaldo’s Portugal in the group stages. England made it out of their group after a Battle of Britain game against Gareth Bale inspired Wales.

They entered the game feeling confident and on paper had a much better group of players than their opponents. Wayne Rooney gave the favourites an early lead but the Ice men hit back with 2 goals in reply to send England home and cost their manager his job.

Everyone is already calling it one of the worst & shocking upsets in tournament football.


Iceland celebrate scoring against England at Euro 2016


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Beating the champions at Italia 90 made the world love them

They came, they saw, they scared the daylights out of teams...

Iceland were tactically solid but also carried out their attacking game to perfection 
football4football training team


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Hodgson substitutes England captain Wayne Rooney



The English press have already started to point the finger at several players. As usual the wage packets & motivation have been raised by some. Of course, the Premier League is the richest league in the world and with that comes pressure to live up to the media hype. We spoke to someone in the England camp and they said: 


"Everyone is gutted, that goes without saying. But to hear things from pundits saying the lads don't care is a million miles away from the truth!"


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This was the result of the World Cup in 2002

Football has the ability to change lives. Those with the desire & focus can become heroes for a nation. Senegal did just that in 2002...


England players lie on the turf after defeat



The players that were out there for England produced some fantastic stuff for their clubs during the 2015-2016 season. England will always have a problem if a structure or style is not put in place like at club level. Yes, it can be argued that talented players should be able to adapt and 'just play' but when you're up against talented players performing to a system they all know & can deliver... well that's a challenge. 


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