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Just how did Pogba hit that amazing cross?

This is the kind of ability that has made Paul Pogba a wanted man. Many football fans can't believe Manchester United let him leave in the first place....

Paul Pogba is adding some amazing things to his game. He’s tall, has pace, good in the air, can tackle, score goals & can hit passes as good as Beckham.

Paul Pogba playing for Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson said in the past that letting Jaap Stam go was one of his biggest mistakes. Whether it was his doing or Manchester United’s, some feel at Old Trafford that Pogba is the biggest loss. From his performances lately fans think they should’ve done a whole lot more to keep the young Frenchman.

Jaap Stam playing for Manchester United against Liverpool


Reports out of Italy say he is happy at Juventus but that’s just standard talk to stop unrest or create problems with any potential transfer fee.

France warmed up for the Euros with a game against Cameroon the other night and the elegant Pogba hit one of the best deep crosses we’ve ever seen!


Pogba ridiculous cross

Arsenal’s Oliver Giroud finished it off well but the pass…..!

As much as Paul Pogba has enjoyed his time in Italy, it is felt he has some unfinished business in England.


Paul Pogba lines up with the Manchester United Youth team

Youngsters that he played with in the Manchester United youth team are now making a name for themselves in other club’s 1st teams.

The talented midfielder will no doubt have an eye on wanting to showcase his talents in the biggest league in the world!

Paul Pogba controls a pass in the Juventus midfield

He’s already been pictured with Manchester City representatives but Manchester United are back, in terms of status with Jose Mourinho there could be competition.

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They will no doubt swallow their pride and throws their hat into the ring.

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