Lukaku the big mistake for Chelsea

Chelsea are looking to fight back as a force in the English Premier League. New manager Conte will be allowed to target whoever he wants. It seems this former Chelsea star is on his list...


Everton striker Romelu Lukaku is said to be a target for Chelsea. Nothing strange there, he’s a good player and would fit into their system easily, even at £30m+ he could prove good value.

Strange thing is, he was at Chelsea only a few years ago!

Lukaku playing for Chelsea



When there, he was young enough to be kept happy and effectively eased in alongside Didier Drogba. Lukaku even went out on loan, doing fantastic at West Brom, he memorably scored a hat trick against Manchester United in Sir Alex Ferguson’s last game. Still, that wasn’t enough for the Chelsea bosses and he was allowed to leave.


Lukaku celebrates a goal whilst playing for West Brom



Also on the radar for the new Chelsea regime is his Belgian teammate Christian Benteke. Looking like he won’t be in Jurgen Klopp’s plans, he is seen as a backup if Lukaku decides against a return to Stamford Bridge.

With Eden Hazard coming strong towards the end of the 2015/16 season for Chelsea, the new era of Belgian footballer once again showed its promise.


Belgian strikers Benteke, Origi and Lukaku



One man who is seen as being a major influence on the academy system that developed so many of the current Belgian team is Michel Bruyninckx. He’s seen as a real innovator for his unique approach to young player learning. In his eye, ‘natural talent’ is misunderstood and believes everyone has the potential to learn and improve.

He also has a warning for the big clubs and coaches alike.


Clubs must look at the long term with young players & provide a clear path for progress
Michel Bruyninckx to football4football

This is definitely the case as Chelsea would have to find more than the £28m they received not so long ago for powerhouse Lukaku. (They paid an initial fee of £12m to Anderlecht in 2011 for him)

It’s no surprise big clubs take gambles where success is concerned. They have the biggest scouting networks to get best young players from around the globe. Problem is, they’ve also the biggest transfer budgets to attract the best established players in the world too.

This means young talent won’t always get the chance to play because of what’s in front of them. Of course, this is similar to what happened with French midfield star Paul Pogba at Manchester United.

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Michel Bruyninckx will feature in exclusive video interviews on football4football detailing the Belgian academy system. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!

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