Manchester United could cash in on Rashford

Academy prospect succeeds in 1st team.  For any football club this is what it's all about. If they're a selling club, it makes them a fortune and if they're a buying club, it saves millions!


Sometimes a player just does things that make you take note. Marcus Rashford is one such player. For all the pundits who have doubted him, he keeps delivering.

Jamie Carragher said that he should be taken out of the team. Before people jump on Carragher,  his standpoint is one of someone who’s seen young players come in and out of the Premier League and not maintain levels needed in top flight football. The good old 'burnt out' saying. 




He doesn’t doubt Rashford’s ability but feels he could NEED a break from the expectation. Unfortunately in football, if you produce the goods expectation rises and that comes with its own problems.

After his winning goal in his first Manchester derby the calls for him to go to the Euro’s grows louder. Some say this is a little too early and could hinder long term progress at Manchester United.

Things could’ve been different if this piece way back in May 2014 is to be believed,

The Daily Mail said:

"Manchester City are chasing Marcus Rashford, the 16-year-old rising star at neighbours Manchester United.
The attacking midfielder is one of the most highly sought after talents for his age group but United have yet to wrap up terms on a new contract.

City are particularly keen while Chelsea and Arsenal also have an interest.
United are reluctant to pay out big-money contracts and constantly risk losing some players due to greater financial incentives being offered at other clubs.

Although many would argue United's principled stance is to be admired, the harsh reality is many of the youngsters or their representatives will be swayed by the better contracts.
Rashford is a Man United fan and is still committed to the club, but that won't stop rivals from making legitimate offers.
There is a growing feeling within United that they will have to bend their past policy if they are to continue to compete."


It’s a fact that in recent times Manchester City have upped their game when it comes to recruiting young talent in the UK. They have set up a unique system that appeals as a package for bright prospects and their families.

Manchester United is about getting its best young players into the 1st team
Paul Scholes to football4football


Manchester United can still draw on the ‘Class of 92’ model that proves, if you’re good enough, you’re old enough to play. Rashford’s latest feats will only enhance the club’s policy.


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As a Manchester United fan, would he have joined City, maybe not. But a club’s current success in a region can influence who supports who and where you want to play. Of course successful clubs have more money to offer as well!

It’s tough for young players who show promise, especially if there isn’t a stable minded support base to call on. Early cash incentives could seem attractive at the time. If that means chances of progressing and having a full career in the game suffers, then it’s a costly mistake. 

There were other clubs after me but after the gaffer spoke to my parents, we were convinced my football education was best served at United
Darren Fletcher explains to football4football



Parents we have spoken to, said they have taken the highest offer in some cases as it showed the club really want their child. They also point to the reality that if that child doesn’t make it, they have a good financial start in life. There are merits for both but ultimately where a child plays and eventually signs for has to be the best fit for the individual and not the wallet.

Football is 'the' 'you never know, until you know' industry but until you know…. a lot of money could be spent to find out!



Good business

For all the hype that surrounds Rashford and even Lingard, the Manchester United board will be rubbing their hands together. If they continue to flourish becoming regulars in their current playing positions, that could potentially save the club upwards of £60 million. So, if one of the richest clubs in the world look to do this, makes you think why it's not the financial blueprint for all.

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