Pogba the footballer is the most important thing to the Pogba brand

Being the world's most expensive footballer brings pressure. Paul Pogba is beginning to find out that the media will look at everything he does on and off the pitch.


The decision to bring Paul Pogba back to Old Trafford meant a massive financial outlay be Manchester United and presented a massive opportunity for Adidas. Fresh from securing a kit deal with England’s most successful club worth £75m a season, the German sportswear giants saw Pogba as their new pin-up boy. This really is nothing new, Adidas of course had great success when they secured David Beckham to drive the brand forward in the mid - 1990's.


David Beckham at Adidas Predator boots launch

Poster boy


In this new mega money football arena, cash is being spent at a fanatic rate, both on and off the pitch.

Football is mainly a case of you get what you pay for, and in Paul Pogba Manchester United got the world’s most expensive player (£89m)

For all the advertising and commercial benefits that come with it, the Old Trafford fans want to see glitz, glamour and bling where it counts most… on the pitch!


Manchester United's Paul Pogba shows new hairstyle


The elegant French star has shown glimpses of skill, power & intelligence in the early stages. However, when you are being held up as a marketing machine it won’t be long before the English media start scrutinising your Premier League performances.


Are there too many distractions for Pogba?


The Daily Mail said:

“While there is no doubt that his midfield displays are a major factor in the club’s 16-game unbeaten run, he has been noticeably less effective against top-four rivals Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester City and now Liverpool”


Big game’s are where big players are judged, especially when you are challenging for the Premier League title. As mentioned, Pogba has been playing well but the press will see him as an easy target if he’s not producing what they think an £89m player should be. The problem is, as he is rolled out in front of ‘another’ camera crew, to do ‘another’ advert and hyped by others all over social media, they will look at this as a distraction.


The Daily Mail added:

In the months since [his transfer], we have witnessed colourful hairstyles and dance moves to go with some impressive, if hardly world-beating, performances on the pitch.

As Pogba reaps the rewards of his latest venture, there is no escaping the fact that he has only brought more pressure on himself.


Jose Mourinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic chat during a Manchester United game

Deal with it

Paul Pogba, is good enough and has good people around him to silence the critics. He only has to look at Swedish royalty Ibrahimovic to see that if you are going to talk the talk (or #Hashtag & emoji these days) then you definitely need to walk the walk!

Ibrahimovic said in the Guardian:

“Pressure is something I enjoy. I don’t know Paul personally to be able to answer that for him. But I think he likes it also because, without pressure, we would not be on our toes at the top level.”


David Beckham faces the media

The spotlight

Manchester United is a club that demands excellence on the pitch under extreme pressure. This pressure should come from the expectation to win every game. Any off pitch activities should have minimal effect. This was the way under Sir Alex Ferguson that saw them become the most successful Premier League club in history under him. It’s a new era, with new levels of what’s acceptable in football but one thing stays the same, the best let the football do the talking.


The press surround manchester United star Andy Cole


Former Manchester United great Andy Cole told football4football in a nutshell:

“There’s no easy games at Manchester United. The top teams are competing with you and the teams below you treat it as a Cup final. You have to be a special person to play for the club”



Paul Pogba understands that he's a brand but he's a football brand. Unlike David Beckham, the young French star needs to deliver in the football arena if his status is to grow. He has all the ingredients for this to happen and it'll see him cement his place as one of the world's best players beyond transfer value!.

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