Why Mourinho knew it had to be now

Manchester United have got their man and their man has got his timing to perfection. Mourinho had to have it this way for any real chance of success.


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Jose Mourinho is a winner, no doubt. He’s also a very intelligent person. Not just a student of the game, but of people & situations.

Many have said he’s been the perfect fit for Manchester United for a while. For Jose though, the environment at Old Trafford was not for him. David Moyes could’ve almost been seen as a necessary buffer. Whoever followed Fergie was on a hiding to nothing. Wherever there has been legacy it’s always a hard act to follow. Even surprise Premier League Champions of 2016 Leicester City took some 20 appointments & 16 years to get anywhere near what Martin O’Neil achieved.


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Again, Moyes’ period of non success at Manchester United was still not the trigger for Mourinho to throw his hat into the ring. It took a proven manager who’d won titles & even a Champions League to fail for Jose to step in.

His credibility get out?: “Even Van Gaal couldn’t turn it around!” will save face.
Brand Manchester United is still desirable but that is based on past successes… granted a very dominant past, but global stock needs to be enhanced again.

Let’s face it, Jose WILL get time. Recent investments in squad & compensation packages should allow that!

On the same token, Mourinho will approach things HIS way from the off. When he enters a new challenge he smashes through the previous set-up, putting into place a Mourinho environment. The clever thing is though, he takes a serious look at what he’s got.


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Fans & media alike look back at his last stint at Chelsea, questioning how all that ended. That only went that way because of what he achieved first time around. When he arrived 2013, some of his trusted soldiers were there ( he brought back Drogba ) and he injected a winning mentality that saw another league title. Problem was, too many big name players weren’t his. So when he started trying to impose order, problems arose between old & new. Even Hiddink found, that ‘going back’ means an almost impossible task of generating the same energy and buy-in.

'Retain the best, replace the rest and set the tone for his success path'



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Manchester United will mean a clean slate for the Portuguese tactician. Yes, there are big players and fair to say… talented players but that recent lack of true achievement gives Mourinho his in.

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Bruised egos can be avoided when facts are laid bare, Manchester United as one of the biggest clubs in the world need to have players who can deliver that brief. Post Ferguson, the Old Trafford target has been the ‘magical’ 4th Champions League spot… Now they have someone who has walked the Premier League & talked the Premier League and sees 2nd place as unacceptable failure.

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