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The most serious ankle injuries you can get

Luke Shaw suffered horrendous injury in Champions League game for Manchester United. Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey experience will surely be an inspiration for the young England defender’s return to Premier League action.

PA ImagesLuke Shaw is sent flying during manchester United's Champions league game against PSV. The defender suffered a serious ankle injury similar to what happened to Aaron Ramsey in an Arsenal v Stoke game.


Ankle fractures are usually caused be direct contact. This can happen in football when a player whose foot is planted on the ground is then tackled by an opponent, studs first, with the studs hitting the ankle bones. This results in high energy type fractures to the bone due to the amount of force being channelled through the small contact area of a stud.


 Players who've had this injury:

  • Henrik Larsson playing for Celtic v Lyon in 1999
  • Djibril Cisse playing Liverpool v Blackburn in 2004
  • Eduardo playing for Arsenal v Birmingham FC in 2008
  • Aaron Ramsey playing for Arsenal v Stoke in 2010 


+4 A player is about to feel the force of a tackle in a game. football4footballf4f imagesMost injuries to the ankle involve a stud or boot knocking into it. Ankle pads on your shin pads will save you from the cuts and bruises but bone and ligament injuries could still happen.




Contact injuries suffered by the likes of Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal, normally need an operation. This involves fixing the bones that have been broken with metal plates and screws. These are serious injuries and are rare. If treated properly by good surgery and expert rehabilitation, the player can get back to full fitness within four to six months.


+4 THE STRETCHER is needed as Aaron Ramsey is given pain-relieving breathing equipment, on his way to hospital after seriously fracturing his ankle.





Players can make full recoveries. Aaron Ramsey is definite proof of this
football4football injury team


Minor (simple breaks) fractures, without disrupting the ankle joint, can be treated without having an operation. 

A player with this type of injury is put into a plaster cast or supportive boot for a period of six to eight weeks.


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These types of ankle fractures are usually caused by twisting, forces from landing or block tackling. 

In both cases, if the fracture involves the ankle joint, which can be quite common, something called arthritis can develop. This is where the protective cartilage in the ankle wears/breaks away and the joint basically becomes bone on bone.



This is a test of all the widgets!


This is a test of all the widgets!

+4 Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey returns to scoring ways after injury football4footballPA ImagesA GOALSCORING return for Aaron Ramsey. When the injury happened people feared the worst for the talented Welsh midfielder. Skilled surgeons first repaired the break, then rest followed by hard work in the gym with the rehab specialists got Ramsey back to scoring ways for the Gunners.




An injury like Shaw's needs protecting after the operation. Bones need to knit together before any impact work is done. Then of course the psychological challenge will start 
Prof. Jari Lead orthopaedic surgeon at football4football


Luke Shaw's tweet after his surgery:


1:00 AM - 01 Jan 1970


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+4 Manchester United's Luke Shaw playing for the England National team football4footballLuke Shaw is seen as the future England left-back. When fully fit he is a dynamic attacker as well as a strong defender. England future


The Manchester United backroom staff worked around the clock to make sure their £30m asset recovered quickly and safely.  Luke Shaw was becoming a regular fixture in Roy Hodgson's England squad and was tipped to have been his number one choice for Euros in France. His return to Premier League action will be monitored closely. Our injury team will show the rehabilitation program used to recover from such injuries as he starts the road to recovery. 

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