So what exactly is your 5-a-day?

Getting enough vitamins throughout the day to maintain healthy and working bodily functions is important. The commonly known '5-a-day' rule aims to make this happen. Get information needed about your 5-a-day.

The ‘5-a-Day’ rule set-up in several countries such as the U.S., France, Germany – and the UK. It is a simple guide to encourage healthy eating and improve vitamin intake for all.





A healthy diet supplies your body with all the essential vitamins to keep you fit. Footballers need to extra care of their diet to train weekly and perform in high-intensity matches. 


What I eat is important to me, I like to eat as much natural type food as possible.
England and Arsenal's Danny Welbeck to Football4Football


How does it work?


As the name suggests, it is all about eating five portions of fruit and vegetables per day – pretty simple.

Fresh, frozen, dried and canned fruit and vegetables can count towards your five a day. However, you have to pay attention with dried and canned foods, as they can have added sugar.

Football_4_Football_players_eat_banana_during_a_football_match_5_a_day_nutrition.jpgEAT UP: Players take any opportunity to refuel

Fruit juices can also be included. Choose fresh juice without artificial sugars if you can.

Dried fruit and juice should be consumed with a meal and not as a snack, as the sugars then have a less damaging impact on your teeth.

One portion equals ca. 80g of fruit/vegetables, or 150ml of juice/smoothies. One portion of dried fruit, however, is only 30g.

In Germany, those amounts are the guidelines for children. For adults the campaigns suggest one portion to be either 100g of fruit/vegetables or 200ml of juice/smoothies.

Another suggestion is to use one hand full as a measurement because this makes it proportionate to the body size.


Good to know:
  • Potatoes, Plantains, Cassava, etc. do NOT count towards your 5-a-Day! They are classed as starchy foods.
  • Herbs and Garlic do also NOT count!
  • The longer fruits and vegetables are in a processed state, the more vitamins and nutrients get lost!
  • Fruits and vegetables in ready meals do contribute to your 5-a-Day; however, those are high in salt, fat & sugar!
  • Beans and pulses only count once a day, as they are high in Fibre and have fewer nutrients.
  • The 5-a-Day guidelines encourage to eat a variety of different colours of fruits and vegetables in one day


Final Note

Bringing more fruit and veg into the daily food intake can be done with merely small changes to the normal diet; however, it can have a big impact on livelihood and general health. Especially athletes, who need a lot of energy, profit from a wholesome, nutritious diet.