4 v 4 Session that will quickly improve decision making

Nice sharp drill that gets players moving the ball quickly with purpose & thought.

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Barcelona possession training

Soccer Coaching Possession Drill: Small-Sided Game

The drill:


4 v 4 game creating overload.

Minimum 8 players.

Pitch 15yds x 35yds.

Pitch split into 3 zones.

Possession, looking for opportunity to attack.

Only 1 defending player allowed in final 3rd.

2 attacking players in final 3rd for goal to be scored.

Look to Create 2 v1 situations. Pass or go alone.


+3 Layout


Key points:
  • Controlled possession
  • Player & space awareness
  • Draw in opponent
  • Decision making
  • Time outlet pass
  • Support attack
  • 2 v 1
  • Create angles to pass or score


+3 Barcelona possession trainingDrive

This is fantastic for getting young players to drive for goal or look to pass
Dean Gorré, football4football Head of Development

+3 Fabregas of Chelsea selects passFabregas: Good decision maker



Progression & Variations


SIZE: Reduce pitch for sharper session. Increasing pitch makes for fitness session & long range passing (16 years +)

FINISH: One touch finishes, volleys & headers adds a challenge. 

RESTRICT: Attack happens after a certain number of passes or  completed within a timed period.



Quick & easy to set up but offers lots of game play situations. Encourages players to keep looking for openings but then support the forward pass. Knowing when to go, dribble and pass selection will consistently keep players thinking about their next action. The variations should only be introduced when you are completely happy that the initial outcome of the session is being carried out by your players.

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