A simple skill that really works is the drop shoulder

There are many ways to beat an opponent. One of the oldest ways of doing this is still one of the best... dropping the shoulder.

Great wingers of the 1950s, such as Sir Stanley Matthews and Sir Tom Finney, who would skip past defenders when playing for Blackpool and Preston North End. At the time, they were two of the best players in the world.

Stanley_Matthews_uses_his_skill_to_get_past_his_opponent_football4footballSTAN THE MAN: Matthews was known as the 'wizard of the wing' because of this move.

Ask your grandparents about the players who were masters at this skill back in their day! 


How to drop the shoulder correctly
  • 1. Dribble the ball up to your opponent.
  • 2. Move your body slightly side to side.
  • 3. Suddenly, drop your shoulder as you lean one way.
  • 4. Then spring up and push off the other way with the ball.
  • 5. Dribble away.


football4football's guide on how to drop the shoulder correctlyHOW IT'S DONE: Dropping the shoulder


Dropping the shoulder will work when done correctly. This is because it forces the defending player to put their weight onto the wrong foot, allowing the attacking player to go past them and whip a cross in.


Final Note

A simple but clever skill.