Ashley Cole

The left-back maestro. SUPER CONSISTENCY: Jose Mourinho brought Ashley Cole to Chelsea in 2006.

The Player


Ashley started out at Arsenal, he went on to be one of the highest performing left-backs in English history. He moved across London, to Chelsea won the Champions League and multiple Premier Leagues during his career.


Key Skills
  • Pace
  • Strong delivery into the box
  • Great stamina



At his peak, Cole was one of the best full-backs in the world


Quick Facts
  • 1. Part of the "The Invincibles" Arsenal team from the 03/04 season
  • 2. Scored a crucial penalty in the 2012 Champions League Final
  • 3. 229 appearances for Chelsea





Final Note

Ashley Cole was a key player for both Arsenal and Chelsea winning 7 FA cups, 3 Premier Leagues 1 League cup and 1 Champions League for the two sides.