Clarence Seedorf

Il Professore SERIAL WINNER: Clarence Seedorf's fitness allowed him to be part of some of the great teams in football history

The Player


Seedorf was a hardworking player, who had a great variety of skills, like strength, pace, stamina. His physical attributes allowed him to play both offensively and defensively very well. Seedorf played for some of Europe's elite teams such as Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan. 


Key Skills
  • Comfortable going forward and tracking back
  • Athletic
  • Fitness


Seedorf won the Champions League with three different clubs


Quick facts
  • 1. Four-time Champions League winner
  • 2. Only player to win the Champions League with 3 different teams
  • 3. The most decorated dutch player of all time





Final Note

Seedorf proved his ability in some of Europe's top leagues and won many titles along the way.