Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is currently one of the best players on the planet, a multiple Ballon d'Or winner and arguably one of the greatest players of all time. THE ULTIMATE GOALSCORER: CR7 is now regarded as the greatest goalscorer Europe has ever seen.

The Player


One of the worlds best players. 


Key Skills
  • Goal scoring
  • Consistency
  • Mentality


Maradonna described Ronaldo as "a predator in front of goal. You can't let Cristiano shoot from anywhere in the opposition half. Goalkeepers are scared of Cristiano. They aren't so scared of Messi in those areas because he doesn't have the same power as Cristiano. Legends of the game talk in awe of Ronaldo's ability and his work ethic off the field inspires a lot of kids to work their hardest to reach the very top level of football.


CR7 is the perfect example of talent, focus and drive in a footballer


Ronaldo and Messi are the best players of their generation and one day when they both retire normality will resume and scoring a hattrick will be the pinnacle of a players season not an expectation they place upon themselves every game. Ronaldo continues to break records in domestic and European championships and is a player that will always be remembered for his unbelievable goals for club and country. 


Quick Facts
  • 1. Cristiano was only 23 when he won his first Ballon d'Or, he's added four more to his collection since
  • 2. Ronaldo won a Champions League with Manchester United, and four more with Real Madrid
  • 3. Has won The Premier League, La Liga and the Serie A







Final Note

Age is just a number for CR7 who continues to smash records for Juventus and Portugal and will go down as one of the true greats of the modern game.