Dani Alves - Street Fighter

As an established right-back for Brazil and Barcelona for many years, Dani Alves has to go down as a great.

https://www.football4football.com/storage/img/articleimages/originals/DfuHcrHMnqLMepsKwD2mUCopKCbjJjgpbNV.jpg MOVE: Dani Alves dashes with the ball to outrun his opposition.

Dani Alves moved to Spain early in his career. He followed the route many young Brazilians do, transferring from Bahia to Sevilla in 2002. His impact on the Sevilla team was drastic. He then moved to Barcelona after 6 years, where he'd go on to make history. He was a crucial player in some world-dominating Barca teams.  




Dani Alves has had an amazing career in football. Would you consider him as the best right-back ever?