David Beckham

Bend it like Becks.

https://www.football4football.com/storage/img/articleimages/originals/v1U3ii0TAWditBIhNTJERqGFXfXnOyPXHxe.jpg ENGLISH PRIDE: Beckham was part of that famous Manchester United treble winning team in 98/99

The Player


Beckham is known most for his free-kick technique, alongside his incredible dribbling, passing and awareness. His skills made him one of England’s greatest ever players.


Key Skills
  • Dead-ball situations
  • Crossing
  • Creativity on the wing


Beckham always knew how to find his man in the box with a great whipped delivery


Quick Facts
  • 1. Two times UEFA POTY
  • 2. He was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2008
  • 3. Part of Manchester United's treble-winning team in 1999






Final Note

Possibly the best crosser of a football the world has ever seen and great striker of the ball made Beckham one of the greatest wingers to ever play.