David Silva

David Silva has been behind most of the attacking successes of Manchester City. Important goals, assists and dictating the play are all part of his game.

https://www.football4football.com/storage/img/articleimages/originals/VPteGqLZL7xYnDKhNLdbLOF1zpcGapzGVYq.jpg IN CONTROL: Silva is brave enough to receive or carry the ball even when opponents are close to him.

The Player


David Silva was well known in Spain for his footballing ability at Valencia before Manchester City signed him in 2010. Silva has made a slow start in the Premier League. By now, though, he is a key figure in the City attack, especially since they won their first Premier League title in 2011-12. His performances at Manchester City finally helped him break into Spain's superstar filled midfield more regularly. 


Key Skills
  • Decision making
  • Confidence
  • Ball mastery



Silva's vision and trickery makes it almost impossible to mark him


Quick Facts
  • 1. Won three consecutive international trophies with Spain
  • 2. Spain's 4th highest goalscorer
  • 3. In 2019 he won his fourth Premier League




Final Note

Age is just a number for the little Spanish magician, he continues to take teams apart and will go down as one of the greatest midfielders to play in the Premier League.