Dennis Bergkamp

One of the most creative and intelligent players of his time. A STRIKER'S DREAM: Dennis Bergkamp signed for Arsenal from Inter Milan in 1995.

The Player


Bergkamp is known for his amazing creativity with his passing, dribbling and vision on the pitch; those skills helped to achieve his overall assist record. 


Key Skills
  • Close control
  • Vision
  • Creativity on the ball


Bergkamp had one of the best touches in Premier League era


Quick Facts
  • 1. Scored over 200 career goals
  • 2. Won PFA and FWA Player of the Season in 1998
  • 3. Won three Premier League titles with Arsenal




Final Note

Bergkamp was the assist king of the Premier League during his time in England and will always be known as one of the most elegant players to play football.