Edwin van der Sar

The Flying Dutchman

https://www.football4football.com/storage/img/articleimages/originals/ewDggILqxTv8oMIecMa0e01MZScsY5tohuZ.jpg COOL UNDER PRESSURE: Edwin van der Sar, known for having great agility even though he was a tall footballer.

The Player


Edwin Van Der Sar influenced the modern-day sweeper-keeper style; he played the simple skills very well, with determination, power and fierceness. One of the few players to have won the Champions League with both Manchester United in 2008 and Ajax in 1995. 


Key Skills
  • Great shot-stopper
  • Leader in the box
  • High fitness levels



Van der Sar won the Champions League with Ajax and Manchester United


Quick Facts
  • 1. 364 career clean sheets
  • 2. 27 major trophies
  • 3. Van der Sar was 37 when he won his 2nd Champions League





Final Note

Van Der Sar always showed that he was a leader in the box, no matter what team he was playing in and proved what it takes to be a great player.