Eric Cantona

The King KING ERIC: Cantona took Manchester United to Premier League glory with great touch and powerful shot.

The Player


Cantona was a great technical player who was dynamic, scored goals and provided assists. His skills on the pitch often exceeded the ability of players around him during his prime. He won league titles with Marseille and Leeds before his big move to Manchester United. 


Key Skills
  • Clinical finishing
  • Physical presence
  • Attacking creativity


Eric Cantona was one of the first foreign stars of the Premier League era


Quick Facts
  • 1. 5 times Premier League winner
  • 2. PFA POTY in 1994
  • 3. Cantona retired at the age of 30




Final Note

King Eric lit up Old Trafford with unbelievable skills and match-winning ability and will always be known as one of Manchester United's greatest ever players.