Fabio Cannavaro

Cannavaro was given the nickname of the 'Berlin Wall' by supporters of his country during the 2006 World Cup. He is one of the greatest defensive footballers to play in the modern era.

https://www.football4football.com/storage/img/articleimages/originals/N2mOE0OOVIKjqOoLlLV9GmGd3fBPp3F8PaV.jpg AN ITALIAN GREAT: Fabio Cannavaro captained Italy to the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

The Player


Cannavaro was one of Italy’s greatest ever defenders, thanks to his strength and amazing leadership skills on the pitch.


Key Skills
  • Awareness
  • Ability to read the game
  • Scoring from set-pieces


Intelligence, power and speed added to his defensive ability


Quick Facts
  • 1. Only the third defensive player to win the Balon d'Or
  • 2. Instrumental in Italy's 2006 World Cup win
  • Won consecutive UEFA U21 European Championships




Final Note

Cannavaro was considered a small Defender but a big character in Italy and Juventuses defence.