George Best

The United Legend. GEORGIE BEST: One of the first british footballers to be classed as a "superstar".


The Player


He was widely known for his incredible speed and technique on the ball. Best lived up to his name, winning several First Division titles, European Cups & many individual awards. Best's lifestyle may have affected how long he spent at the top of his game. When he was fit and ready Northern-Irishman was unstoppable. 


Key Skills
  • Dribbling ability
  • Ability to turn on the ball
  • Match-winner


A dribbling genius


Quick Facts
  • 1. Was Part of the first English team to win the European Cup (Manchester United, 1968)
  • 2. Played for Northern Ireland 37 times.
  • 3. Best played for 18 professional clubs.




Final Note

Best's seemed to be on another level than everybody else on the pitch when he was playing and didn't give defenders a chance against him.