Giovanni Van Bronckhorst

GVB RELENTLESS: Van Bronckhorst was a powerhouse in any team he played in and was solid defensively.


The Player


Van Bronckhorst was a versatile and consistent player throughout his career. He switched from attacking to defensive left midfield positions in his later career. Because he was a great team player, he gained a total of 55 assists compared to 50 career goals.


Key Skills
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable going forward and tracking back
  • Good defensive awareness


Van Bronckhorst played in World Cup and Champions League finals


Quick Facts
  • 1. Played for 6 professional clubs.
  • 2. Won a trophy in every country he played in.
  • 3. Played every match for Barcelona in their 2006 Champions League-winning campaign.





Final Note

Van Bronkhorst is one of the most versatile players ever to play football. These players come along once in a generation and are so valuable to any team.