John Barnes

Digger Barnes A STRIKERS BEST FRIEND: Barnes won multiple First Division titles with Liverpool and is considered a club icon.

The Player


Barnes was a fast, skilful left-winger, with his successful periods at Liverpool in the 1990s. He was capable of playing on either side of the football pitch thanks to his variety of skills.


Key Skills
  • Dribbling
  • Pace
  • Goal-scoring ability


John Barnes was one of the most skilful English players of his generation


Quick Facts
  • 1. Barnes was born in Kingston, Jamaica
  • 2. He made his name at Watford
  • 3. He made PFA Team of the Century (20th) in 2007




Final Note

Barnes was part of a new batch of creative and skilful players who came through the ranks in England and went on to achieve great things in the game.