Peter Schmeichel

Not many keepers in Premier League history have won what Peter Schmechel did. He was one of the most important players of the successful Manchester United era. AWAY!: Schmeichel would punch, block or kick to stop the ball going in his goal.

The player


When Peter Schmeichel first joined Manchester United from Brondby, they did not think he would last long. He made a few errors as he was getting used to playing in England. 

He went on to become one of the best goalkeepers to play in the Premier League. 

The powerful Dane was the last line of defence for the great Manchester United teams under Sir Alex Ferguson. 


Key Skills
  • Commanding in the box
  • Strong communication to his defence
  • Incredible shot blocker


The historic Manchester United treble winning side of 1999, attacked with confidence because they had Schmeichel in goal.
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Peter Schmeichel dominated the penalty area with his physical presence


Quick Facts
  • 1. Won 27 major trophies
  • 2. Won Danish POTY 3 times
  • 3. Famously played for both Manchester United & Manchester City






Final Note

The Manchester United great made his mark in the Premier League and is considered to be one of the best foreign players ever to play in England.