Robert Pires

Super Bobby – was loved by Arsenal fans. CLOSE CONTROL: The Frenchman had great pace on the turn.

The Player


Pires is widely known for his incredible dribbling, control and finesse, which made him an incredible winger. He also was one of the most consistent performers of his generation. He lit up the Premier League with some great goals and assists during his years at Arsenal. 


Key Skills
  • 1. Vision
  • 2. Dribbling ability
  • 3. Attacking-minded play


Pires had great goal-scoring ability


Quick Facts
  • 1. Pires started his carer at FC Metz
  • 2. He scored over 160 career goals
  • 3. Made 8 appearances for FC Goa in India






Final Note

One of the great Premier League midfielders, who could work wonders with the ball at his feet.