Romelu Lukaku

Belgium's all-time top goalscorer ROM'S A HANDFUL: Lukaku can terrorise defences with his strength and finishing

The Player


Born in Antwerp, Lukaku began his professional career at Belgian Pro League club Anderlecht in 2009, where he made his senior debut, at age 16. He signed for Chelsea in 2011 for £10 million. He spent loan spells at West Bromich Albion and Everton, later signing for the Toffees in 2014. He secured a move to Manchester United for £75 million in search of silverware and later moved on to Inter Milan in the summer of 2019. 


Key Skills
  • Strength
  • Arial ability
  • Goalscorer


On his day, Lukaku can be one of the hardest players to mark in the world


Quick Facts
  • 1. Most expensive Belgium player of all time
  • 2. UEFA Europa League top goalscorer 2014/15
  • 3. In addition to his native French and Dutch, Lukaku can speak fluent English, Portuguese, Spanish and a Congolese Swahili dialect




Final Note

Lukaku's power and finishing make him a constant threat for defenders now, joining Inter Milan from Manchester United will they regret letting him go?