Ronald Koeman

The ultimate sweeper DANGEROUS ANYWHERE: Ronald Koeman scored over 200 career goals, an astonishing achievement for a centre-back.

The Player


Ronald Koeman was on top of the game in the sweeper position. He did the simple skills very effectively and always at a high level, making him a great defender. Also, Koeman is known for his unique free kick tacking strategy.


Key Skills
  • Goal-scoring
  • Spotting danger
  • Direct free kicks


Koeman always looked to drive his team up the pitch


Quick Facts
  • 1. Barcelona's top goalscorer in the 1993/94 season
  • 2. Won three consecutive Eredivisie titles with PSV
  • 3. Won the 1988 UEFA European Championships




Final Note

Koeman defined the sweeper position, thanks to his ability to win the ball back in defence and cry it up the pitch.