Roy Keane

Praised for his is leadership and quality of play, Keane is known for his determination on the pitch. A FIERCE MIDFIELDER: Roy Keane was one of the best competitors the Premier League has ever seen.

The Player


Due to his strong-willed style and personality, Keane showed a lot of effort at all times. Additionally, his broad technical skills made him a highly praised midfielder. Keane's style made him into one of the Premier League's all-time best box-to-box midfielders. 


Key Skills
  • Ability to win the ball back
  • Tenacity
  • Leader


Keane's strong tackling and determination helped him captain Manchester United to many trophies


Quick Facts
  • 1. Keane scored over 70 career goals
  • 2. Never played for a club outside of the United Kingdom
  • 3. Roy Keane finished his career at Celtic






Final Note

Keane is the perfect example of a leader; a player who was willing to give everything for his teammates on the pitch.