Sergio Busquets

Barcelona's anchor THE VETERAN: Busquets is a regular in Barcelona's midfield thanks to his ability to win the ball back high up the pitch and release his teammates into space.

The Player


Sergio Busquets is a prime example of Barcelona's La Masia academy providing quality players for the first team as he has been at Barcelona his whole career. It's not hard to see why with his great passing and success at the club throughout his career. 

 Busquets earned praise from his peers, with Messi saying "When there will be trouble, he (Busquets) will be there."


Key Skills
  • Setting the pace of the game
  • Range of passing
  • Arial presence


Busquets has protected Barcelona's defence for over 10 years


Quick Facts
  • 1. He has played 536 games for Barcelona in all competitions
  • 2. He has won a total of 19 major trophies including 8 La Liga titles and 1 World Cup to name a few
  • 3. Spains 8th highest capped player with 113 appearances





Final Note

Busquets is coming towards the end of his career at Barcelona but still looking like a solid member of their stellar midfield.