Who makes the best turmeric supplements available in the UK?

Turmeric supplements come in many forms, knowing how to get the most out of them is important. 


RAW POWER: Turmeric supplements are being used by pro footballers


Turmeric the sports supplement


Taking turmeric as a supplement is becoming more popular.  With that said, it can be confusing deciding exactly  ‘what is the best turmeric supplement on the market in the UK?’

Going beyond it being used in cooking, athletes, and in the case of football4football, professional footballers, turmeric is being used as a supplement to boost performance and recover from injury. When it comes to sports nutrition, the pros want the best.

But, what makes something the best? With supplements, the best are usually the ones that have had time and indeed money spent to develop them. With so many products out there online, knowing what to look for, and how to actually take turmeric is key. From our own research within the game, raw turmeric root is what gives the product its punch.

However,  selected ingredients are now being paired with turmeric with the aim of giving added effect. There are also different ways to take turmeric before you even start looking at what are the best turmeric supplements available in the UK, or anywhere else for that matter. Don't worry though, football4football will cut through all the sales jargon to give you the low-down on the best turmeric supplements for a footballer’s needs.  


forms-of-the-best-turmeric-supplements-availableCHOICE: Turmeric supplementation can be taken in various ways

Are liquid turmeric supplements better than powders or tablets?


When taking any supplements, vitamins or minerals the recommendation suggests the body should be able to digest and absorb them in a 30-minute window. Large multivitamin tablets can take longer than this to fully break down without digestive aids. Ultimately, the full benefits and availability of the supplement may be reduced if your body can't get them all out in time. They'll be passed out as waste products.

The delay in a supplement being taken up by the body means the rate in which pills can release vitamins is less than what could be achieved in liquid form. Because of this, some manufactures of turmeric supplements choose to deliver their product using the liquid method as a shot. Even still, curcumin tablets and turmeric capsules are still widely used and are normally a cheaper alternative. 

One thing to note is, turmeric shots are more expensive than tablets because they use fresh turmeric root. These are raw ingredients, full of vitamins and nutrients that are best kept in the fridge after purchase to stop them from going off. When looking at them in a clear bottle you'll sometimes see turmeric ingredients separate at the bottom, they'll just need a quick shake to mix. 



Pepper-with-the-best-turmeric-supplements-for-absorptionABSORPTION: Black pepper improves turmeric supplement digestion

How to improve turmeric supplements absorption


Just adding turmeric to your diet without thought could be wasted money if you're not careful. Increasing your turmeric intake will involve tablets or liquid turmeric. Eating the same amount of turmeric compared to having a turmeric shot isn’t always equal though. Taking the same supplement in different ways will be used by the body differently. An example is eating 5 oranges and drinking 5 oranges means different nutritional benefits will be had. 


How effectively a supplement can be used by the body will impact how it works. The best curcumin supplements should be treated in the same way. How the raw root is first harvested, turned into a product ready to consume and storage factors can influence the body’s ability to fully utilise turmeric supplementation.


Also, keep an eye out for labelling. Some tablets do need certain additives during manufacturing but a good ratio of the turmeric ingredients should still be present. 

One such addition is piperine [black pepper], sometimes added to turmeric supplements to improve how the body absorbs it. Curcumin, the powerful ingredient of turmeric benefits from the addition of pepper also.



juices-with-the-best-turmeric-supplements-improves-tasteMIX IT UP: Beetroot, ginger or lemon add flavour & benefits to turmeric

Do turmeric supplements taste bad?


The old saying, "if it tastes bad it's good for you" could be applied to Turmeric for some. Being part of the same family as ginger, turmeric has a bitter pepper-like taste and smells a little like mustard. Traditionally, turmeric is boiled then dried to make powder, used commonly to add colour to curry. Even though turmeric tablets or capsules have pepper added to them, as you just take them with water and swallow, you won't really taste it. Liquid turmeric sees more adventurous cocktails added to help its flavour as it enters the mouth. Popular mixes include turmeric and ginger or turmeric and beetroot. Ginger and beetroot have their own performance and health-giving properties too. 



the-best-turmeric-supplements-shot-bottlesTOP SHOT: Liquid turmeric is convenient to take

Which turmeric supplements should you buy?


As many brands compete to be the best turmeric supplement maker, it really can come down to personal choice. Ask yourself questions like, How much do turmeric supplements cost, is it in my budget? Along with, how should you take turmeric supplements, do I prefer liquid or tablets? 
Once you have your answers, it's about knowing the brands to look for. We help footballers at all levels to make the right decisions they need to power their individual game. Join football4football for free and access to the nutrition information used by professional players.




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