See how SAQ training can make you a faster footballer

How can you make footballers faster? This question involves different types of fast. Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ) - are vital to play football at the elite levels. Pro players work on both physical & mental speed.

QUICK FEET: SAQ training is essential to keep pro players fast and on form.

As football gets quicker, so do the players in the game. Margins between success and failure are getting smaller. Club performance staff are always trying to develop training methods to improve footballers.

The speed, agility and quickness of an individual make them stand out from the rest. Players who can move at pace in different directions have an advantage. SAQ training helps this happen. 


SAQ_training_for_young_footballerAGILE: Youngsters can also improve their football through SAQ.


For older players, intense sessions produce better true athletic performance. For young players (development phase and below), football agility drills can improve their coordination and balance.


What does SAQ stand for?


 SAQ stands for Speed, Agility, and Quickness training.




What are the different phases of speed?


Pro footballer training sessions include SAQ as part of their performance programmes during a football season. It's usually done leading up to match day. The explosive training, monitoring physical load, keeps players sharp at the right time.

Speed (or straight-line running) has 3 phases that are assessed.


The 3 phases

  •  Acceleration - the starting point
  •  Top speed - when in full flight
  •  Deceleration - slowing down



This movement is important for a player. Yet, a football match involves a ball and opponents moving in many directions. SAQ training looks at this too.


What are the benefits of SAQ?


Players, who may not be the fastest in a straight line, can still be effective if they can change direction at speed. Manchester United great, Paul Scholes or Barcelona legends Xavi & Iniesta are examples.


SAQ training can help you to beat your opposition.

football4football-training team


Improving balance, sideways movements and changes of pace help defenders and attackers. SAQ training drills and equipment can make players think & react faster. You can train physical & mental alertness.



What's used to train SAQ?


Sports scientists, along with strength & conditioning coaches, set programs using different equipment.


equipment_used_for_an_saq_session_at_a_football_clubTHE GEAR: SAQ sessions involve a range of useful equipment.


Equipment used

  •  Ladders
  •  Chutes
  •  Mini hurdles
  •  Cones/Markers/Discs
  •  Interactive lights/Audio equipment



Neuro performance is now also becoming part of a professional footballer's training. Training the brain to read situations & improve reactions is the aim. Along with SAQ sessions, players can now enhance mental processes and move faster with and without the ball. 

The takeaway

With SAQ training, players respond quicker to passes from teammates, interceptions or goal-scoring opportunities.

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