Patrick Vieira

Vieira was a powerful and aggressive footballer. His outstanding physical, athletic and technical attributes made this possible. He revolutionised the central defensive midfielder position during his playing career. LEADER: Patrick Vieira captained Arsenal to the only ever unbeaten Premier League season.

The Player


Vieira states “The first step to playing as a defensive midfielder is understanding your role and accepting it. You’re there to work hard and to help everyone else, before yourself.”


Key Skills
  • Ball winning ability
  • Controlled aggression
  • Ability to anticipate his opponents


Vieira's strength helped him dominate opposition midfielders


Quick Facts
  • 1. Part of Juventus' relegated team after their match fixing scandal
  • 2. Won the FIFA World Cup in 1998 and the European Championships in 2000 with France
  • 3. Made over 500 career appearances






Final Note

Vieira was the complete defensive midfielder and will always be considered as one of the greatest captains in Premier League history.