Paul Gascoigne

Gazza COMPLETE MIDFIELDER: Gascoigne famously moved to Lazio in the 90s when Italian football was at its peak.

The Player


Gascoigne was a player with a unique character on and off the field. He combined impressive skills with great strength and pace on the ball. The man from Newcastle is regarded as one of Europe’s greatest midfielders in his prime.


Key Skills
  • Dribbling
  • Change of pace
  • Inventive



Paul Gascoigne will be considered an England great thanks to his great skill and ability


Quick Facts
  • 1. Considered a great but only won 4 major honours
  • 2. Started his professional career at Newcastle United
  • 3. He played for a total of 9 clubs in his career






Final Note

Gascoigne is an iconic player in England thanks to his football ability and great personality.